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The Excel package is a perfect way for clients to place their holiday ownership into our Global Rental Program, your gateway to the world market. The Global Rental Program is a pioneer in the unique way it services it’s clients for both the rental and resale of their holiday ownership.

We work directly with the handful of legitimate rental and resale companies dealing with the UK market and enjoy working relationships with companies supplying similar services across Europe and the World.

We also utilize several telemarketing offices who use our inventory of weeks offering them directly to customers over the phone. We are the preferred rental agent for these companies and as such receive many referred clients each week looking to rent a property.


Another way of providing maximum exposure of holiday ownership and what has proved a tried and tested method of obtaining results is our target market Google campaigns utilizing the ever important internet to highlight your property. This is the way most people find their way to our site and you would be among thousands of browsers who make their way there on daily basis to either register their property or look to rent one (hopefully yours!) out.

All of these systems once in place add up to an impressive conversation rate when it comes to rentals.
Please remember that all offers are for you to consider only, there is no obligation to accept any offers for a rental and with Extra Time Online we do not stop you pursuing other routes to rent, all we ask is you keep us informed of the status of your ownership so we can keep our systems updated and not waste your time if a prospective client is interested in your property.

Case Studies

Hollywood Mirage Anfi Beach Club Woodford Bridge

(105 active owners)
Mr Campbell
2012 maintenance: £480
Rented in 2011 for: £500

(71 active owners)
Mrs Bloor
2012 maintenance: £470
Rented in 2011 for: £725

(46 active members)
Mrs Rawson
2012 maintenance: £450
Rented in 2011 for: £450


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